If you notice your Facebook sharing and interaction data is not correct, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • You do not have a Facebook account linked to your PostBeyond account. This can be solved by linking your Facebook account to PostBeyond.
  • If you have a page linked to PostBeyond but you share anywhere that is not that page. It is possible to share posts as a direct message or to groups. Unfortunately, we cannot capture the data for those shares. We will only capture the share and interaction if you share to the timeline linked in your settings. If you'd like to share to a business page and capture that data, you can do that by linking a business page to PostBeyond. 
  • If you share to Facebook multiple times in quick succession. Since we track when you shared to Facebook, if you share very quickly again after sharing from PostBeyond, we cannot identify which share to associate with the one done from PostBeyond. If you would like the share and interaction data captured correctly, please make sure to leave at least 1 minute between shares. 
  • If you notice that your potential reach is not correct, then this is likely because PostBeyond doesn't have access to your data because of your privacy settings. PostBeyond will only have access to your friends list on Facebook if you grant the app the permission to do this during the authentication process. Make sure you have ticked the 'Friends' box when you authorize PostBeyond to have access to your Facebook data. 

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