There are 3 main reasons why you may be unable to log in:

1. The program administrator has not added you onto the platform. You will need to contact your program administrator about adding you to the platform.

2. The program administrator has archived your account. You will need to contact your program administrator about switching your account back to ‘Registered’ in order to gain access to the platform again.

3. You have forgotten your password. You can select the ‘Forgot’ option next to ‘Password’. This will send you a password reset email to the email account you have associated with the platform.

You can refer to How to Reset a Forgotten Password for a step by step article.

Please note, if you are not receiving the password reset link:

  • You are on the wrong login page (usually and need to go to your company login page.
  • The email address you have entered is not the same email that is associated with your account on the platform.
  • The password reset email is in your spam.

If you are unaware of who your program administrator is, don’t hesitate to reach out to to inquire about who you should contact!

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