In this section we will go over the different analytics reports available in the Analytics section of the platform. There are many great insights you can gain from how users are interacting with the content in your platform, and how their networks are engaging with it externally. The Analytics section can help you track how well you and users are doing, and give you ideas about how you can improve on your content strategy.

In this lesson you'll learn how to:

  • Understand the Post Analytics.

  • Understand the End User Analytics.

  • Understand the Group Analytics.

  • Understand the Topics Analytics.

  • Learn what other analytics are available.

Post Analytics

Social Analytics is the first page you will see after navigating to our Analytics section. On this page you will find the per post data on shares and interactions.

End User Analytics

End User Analytics allows you to have insight into how each end user is interacting with content on the platform. You can go deeper into how specific users or groups of users are performing.

Group Analytics

Group Analytics is where you can see the breakdown of how your groups performed relative to other groups. You can also see how each individual group member performed.

Topic Analytics

Topic Analytics allows you to see how each of your topics performed. This can provide insight into what type of content performs best.

Additional Analytics

Here we will go over the additional analytics sections, such as the Adoption, Earned Media Value, Map Analytics, and Compliance Report.

Congratulations! You've completed the PostBeyond Academy training modules! Now go on and continue creating great content for users on your platform to share to their social accounts. Check back here regularly for updates and information about new features.

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