Engage your Users: Learn to Import Posts

Learn how to set up content feeds in your Inbox, import posts via content feeds, and create posts from user suggested content.

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In this article, we're going over several ways to create content. You'll learn:

Inbox is one of the most efficient ways to add posts to your content library. Learn how to create the different types of content feeds in your Inbox. You can create feeds from Twitter accounts & hashtags, RSS feeds, Instagram hashtags, Facebook and YouTube channels.


  • Create an Inbox feed from a twitter account.

  • Create an Inbox feed from an RSS feed.

Once you have your content feeds set up, you'll be able to import posts directly to your library from these feeds.


  • Create a post from one of your Inbox feeds.

In order to create an Instagram feed, an Instagram account has to be linked with your PostBeyond platform.


  • Connect an Instagram account to your platform.

  • Create an Inbox feed from an Instagram hashtag.Β 

Your end users can be a great source of material for the content library. Learn how to go through and approve user suggested content, and what that looks like in the library.


  • Create a post from a user suggested post (if there are no suggested posts yet, suggest a post first)

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