As an Administrator or a Content Creator, you can both edit and publish new and suggested posts within the PostBeyond iOS and Android applications.

In this article we will review:

  • The types of content creation available within mobile

  • How to navigate to content creation

Types of Content Creation

Approve Content

You can view suggested posts from users and publish them to the content library from iOS and Android devices. This ensures that you are not constrained when looking to approve time-sensitive or important post suggestions.

You can add, edit, and remove featured posts via iOS and Android devices. This is helpful if there are posts that are no longer important, or if new posts need to be prioritized for users.

Create Content on the Go

When you are on-the-go at conferences or corporate events where using a laptop is inconvenient, you can still publish new content to PostBeyond.

From the main page in the app, click on the folder icon:

Here you should be brought to the content page, with default page being 'Suggested content'. Notice that the suggested content should contain a list of users who've suggested URLs:

By clicking on the arrow, a drop-down to toggle between pages should open:

  • Suggested: content suggested by users that you can reject or create content from.

  • Active: Live posts that you can edit.

  • Featured: Posts that appear in the main feed carousel. Admins/Content creators can deselect or select posts.

  • Archived: Posts that are no longer active.

  • Pending: Posts that have been scheduled to go live.

By clicking on a post, you will be brought to the post creation/edit page, where you can make changes:

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