Use this Sample Survey to Ask Users for Feedback

Use the following sample questions to survey your employees about PostBeyond.

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Once you've launched your PostBeyond platform, it's important to get feedback from your users so that you can optimize your content, platform, and workflow. This will help to increase your user engagement over time.

We recommend sending out a user feedback survey one month after launch. This gives your users enough time to use the platform and get a feel for it before they provide feedback.

There are plenty of survey tools out there, so feel free to choose your favorite. Two that we like are:

Basic Rules for Surveys

  • Set a goal for what you want to achieve.

  • Keep the questions simple and the survey short.

  • Let your respondents know you’ll follow-up with the results. 

For more help, check out Survey Monkey’s best practices for creating surveys.

Use the following sample questions as inspiration for your survey. Consider how employees are using your platform and what you want to learn from them. Adjust the questions to suit your needs.

General Questions

  • Before using the platform, how would you rate your social media skills/comfort level? (1-10)

  • Since using the platform, how would you rate your social media skills/comfort level? (1-10)

  • What’s the likelihood that you would recommend the platform to a colleague? (1-10)

User Experience

  • Is it easy to log into the platform?

  • Have you made use of the ability to subscribe to any Topics?

  • Do you think the Topics are useful? Would you change them? (Provide suggestions).

  • Have you ever edited a message before posting it?

  • Do you schedule posts? Have you set up a personal post queue?


  • Do you like the name of the platform?

  • If you could change the name, what would you call the platform?

  • Do you like the logo/image used on the platform?


  • Do you feel you received enough training to get started using the platform?

  • Would you be interested in additional training for the platform?

  • If so, what format would you like the training to be in? (ie. On- demand video, lunch & learn).

  • Have you found the PDF User Guides helpful?

Time Management & Workflows

  • Has the platform helped you improve your social media posting?

  • Do you find the platform easy to use?

  • How much time per day/per week do you spend on the platform?

  • Do you read content from the platform before you post? Is that a valuable aspect to the hub?

Add-Ons (Mobile App, Browser Extensions, Suggesting Content)

  • Have you installed the mobile app on your smartphone/tablet?

  • Have you added the PostBeyond browser extension to Chrome or Firefox?

  • Do you use the extension for suggesting content? Posting content?

  • Have you opened a newsletter from the platform? Do you like the content in the emails? (Note: This will give you the ability to create an NPS on the platform).

  • What features would you like to see added or changed?

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