If you are finding that your users are not as engaged with the content on the PostBeyond platform as you would like, we suggest researching what the main reasons are for usage of the platform dropping off. 

Often, disengaged users simply forget to use PostBeyond or do not form a habit of using the platform. 

To re-engage these users, we recommend sending out regular newsletters to the users or organizing a recognition campaign.

Regular Newsletters (using internal email feature)

To send out engaging newsletters, follow these suggestions:

  • Select the top performing posts or the ones you would like users to share.

  • Share company news and wins.

  • Include upcoming company events/activities/shows/news.

Rewards and Recognition Campaign

Create incentives and rewards programs for accomplishing tasks. For example, you can offer:

  • Soft recognition for the most active users

  • Weekly or monthly prizes for most improved users

  • Get feedback/success stories from winners and showcase their success/testimonials

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