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Managing PostBeyond as an Admin
Understanding the Dashboard
Navigating the Administrator Side of the Platform
Navigating the Administrator Side of the Platform

Learn how to navigate the Administrator Side of the Platform

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Wherever you are on the Administrator side of the platform, you will always have access to navigation menu on the left hand side of your screen.

When you first log in, you are taken to the Dashboard, which gives you a quick overview of your program.

Posts is where you can manage all of the posts in your library and create individual posts.

Inbox is where you can create posts from feeds.

Team is where you will update your team list & add new users.

Newsletters allows you to send email updates to end users from the platform.

Leaderboard is were you can manage and view all of your current and archived leaderboards. Note: your team may have one or multiple leaderboard (also know as Team Leaderboards). If you are interested in having multiple leaderboards, please contact your CSM about enabling this feature.

Analytics will give you insight into how your program is performing.

Settings is where you can change some personal and company settings. You can also switch to the User View by clicking 'Change View'.

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