To manage what appears on your feed, you can follow Topics that you are interested in to get regular updates when a new post has been added into a specific topic.

To do this, click 'Topics' on the top-right corner of the screen. This menu will show you Topics that you have followed and that you can currently see in your feed.

Clicking on 'Manage Topics' will give you a few options.

Topics that you have already followed will appear in a dark circle under Featured and Latest.

The arrows on the right side indicate which Topics can be reordered.

The number appearing next to the arrows are the number of posts currently existing under that specific topic.

If there are a few topics on the platform that you are interested in getting regular updates on, you can do so by following them through Topics.

Scroll down until you see topics with a plus sign on the left side.

Click on the plus sign to add topics to your feed. There is no limit to the amount of topics you can add.

You have now successfully add topics to your feed!

By clicking and dragging each topic up or down, you can adjust the order of which Topic will appear first as you scroll down your feed.

In this example, we will reverse the order for Customer Spotlight and Internal Updates so that Internal Updates will appear first.

To do this, simply drag Internal Updates up.

When you return to your homepage, your feed will now show Internal Updates before Customer Spotlight.

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