How to Queue Posts

Learn how to queue/schedule a post to a particular social network for a later time.

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Our queue feature allows you to schedule content to be shared out at a later time.

In this article you will learn:

What does it mean to Queue Posts?

On PostBeyond you can queue posts to be sent out as per your queue schedule or for a specific day and time of your choosing.

OPTION: You can set up as many queueing slots as you want for LinkedIn and Twitter platform. When you queue a post to a particular social network, it will be scheduled to be shared in the next available slot.

How to Queue

  1. In the content library, navigate to any post you would like to queue and click on the icon of the network you want to queue to (due to Facebook's sharing changes, queueing is only available for Twitter and LinkedIn).

2. Personalize your post content and click 'Add to Queue.'
This will slot the post in the next available time of your queue settings


Using the drop-down, open a calendar and select a specific day and time to share the post.

Once a post has been added to your queue, a little clock icon will appear above the platform shared to on the post:

How to View and Edit Queued Posts

To view queued posts navigate to the Share icon (calendar) at the top right corner of the home page and click on the 'Queue' tab:

If you have queued a post, you can also change the time by clicking on 'My Shares', and then 'Queue'. You will find a small pencil icon on the post you want to edit.

You will then be able to edit the date and time that the post will be shared on and the caption. When you have changed the date and time, click on 'Save Changes'.

NOTE: to ensure you are posting and scheduling content in the correct time zone go to My Settings and scroll to the bottom to confirm or update your time zone.

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