You can schedule a post to be shared out to your social networks at a specific time.

To do this, find a post you would like to share and click on the network you would like to schedule it for.

Click on the arrow next to Add to Queue, and then click 'Select Date and Time.'

When you have selected a date and time you would like to share this post to, click on 'Schedule Post.'

When you navigate back to My Shares (calendar icon), under Queue you will be able to see your queued post.

If you have queued a post, you can also change the time by clicking on 'My Shares', and then 'Queue'. You will find a small pencil icon on the post you want to edit.

You will then be able to edit the date, time and/or caption. When you have changed the date and time, click on 'Save Changes'.

Your post schedule will now be updated with the new date and time.

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