How to Set-Up RSS, Twitter, and YouTube Feeds

Learn how to set-up RSS, Twitter, and Youtube Feeds in Inbox.

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As mentioned in Inbox: An Overview, the Inbox allows you to import content from outside feeds directly to your PostBeyond platform. You can directly import from a variety of content feeds such as Twitter accounts and hashtags, YouTube channels, Instagram hashtags, Facebook pages, and RSS feeds.

In this article, we will go over:

How to Set-Up RSS, Twitter, and YouTube feed

If you would like to create a content feed from Twitter, your Twitter account needs to be connected.

For RSS, Twitter and YouTube Feeds, navigate to your Inbox.

Step 1: Tap '+Add'

Step 2: Select the feed you want to create in the drop-down menu under 'Add New Subscription', then fill in the form.

If you cannot find your page when connecting to a Twitter feed, make sure that you have Twitter linked to your account in your Settings.

Step 3: Click 'Add New Subscription'

Now you will be able to see the content feed you added in the list of Inbox feeds. You can also organize the feeds in folders and by clicking on the gear icon, you can arrange the content feeds. After this you are ready to create a post using an inbox feed.

What to Expect When a Feed is Set Up?


  • Pulls in the last 20 videos when first added.


  • For any hashtag, PostBeyond is able to retrieve the first 100 tweets and we sort them and get the oldest tweet. The oldest tweets might be from yesterday or 3 months.

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