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Understanding Your PostBeyond Analytics

Learn how data works and is retrieved in PostBeyond.

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Employee advocacy programs are a long-term initiative. Your enterprise doesn’t become a social business overnight. It does take a longer-term commitment to see your program fully blossom.

PostBeyond has an extensive analytics dashboard to give you the data-driven insights into how your branded content is being received through your Champions' networks. However, to get a more holistic appreciation of the success, here are some best practices for reviewing your PostBeyond analytics:

1. Review Your Goals

Although everyone has their own measures of success, it’s important to launch your Champions program with a clear goal for what you hope to achieve and what success will look like. These goals should align clearly with your KPIs.

Some thought leadership goals might include:

  • Increase in website traffic

  • Increase in brand knowledge

  • Increase in Social Mentions (a great tool for social listening is Brandwatch, which allows you to write your own refined searches to filter out irrelevant mentions)

  • Leads generated

  • Website Conversions

2. Compare to Your Own Benchmarks

Determine your baseline metrics with a long enough period to spot natural peaks and troughs. Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner and Google Trends to check the volume of searches for your brand name and track it over time to see if search volumes are increasing.

3. Tag URLs of Branded Content on PostBeyond

This will allow you to track this traffic from the posts to your website through Google Analytics.

  • Impressions: they represent how many customers actually laid eyes on your ad.

  • Clickthrough rate: helps you see whether your ads are driving brand-related visitor behaviour you think is valuable (like sign-ups or page views)

  • Reach and frequency

  • Website traffic & branded keyword searches

  • Search volume date

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