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How to Use Google Analytics for PostBeyond
How to Use Google Analytics for PostBeyond

Using Google Analytics to find PostBeyond generated traffic to your website.

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After setting up your UTM parameters with PostBeyond, you can set-up your Google Analytics.

Go to your Google Analytics account and Select the 'Acquisition' Page > 'Campaigns' > 'All Campaigns'.

Look for 'postbeyond' and click on this to access the complete campaign:

Understanding the Analytics

The capabilities of GA contains the following, but is not limited to:


Each program will be different depending on how you set-up your analytics, but commonly, you may want to track the below metrics:


You can also have your campaign set-up to view conversions:

For example, how many people have spent more than 5 mins on the website, which can then be correlated to a dollar amount.

Date Range

Adjust the date range you’d like to see the traffic:

Social Network Breakdowns

View specific posts shared via PostBeyond by social networks that led to conversions on your website:

See PB traffic to specific pages

Add a secondary dimension of 'Page' to see the landing pages that traffic was driven to on your website.

See Traffic Driven by Specific Users

Analyze the traffic that individual users of your PostBeyond platform have driven to your site.

To do this: Click on the 'Primary Dimension' and change it to “Keyword”. This is how you can search for the User ID of your users on PostBeyond:

Search the specific User ID to find how much traffic a particular user has driven to the website:

Find the same User IDs in the Manager View of your platform, under 'Analytics' and 'Users':

View pages users have driven traffic to by adding the secondary dimension of 'Landing Page' to this view:

Make sure to work with your Customer Success Manager to benchmark your website traffic from PostBeyond and measure growth each quarter!

Create & Save Reports

What to view the same metrics on a regular cadence?

After creating a report from the analytics, you have the ability to Save, Export, Share, Edit the data.

If you 'Save' the data as a report, to easily return to the same anaylsis on a regular cadence:

To access the same report, from the Home sidebar click 'Customization' > 'Saved Reports':

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