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What are post analytics?

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Your Post Analytics is where you will find all of your analytics by post. This will include any post that had any type of activity on it in the time frame that you are looking at. You can also filter the data by group by clicking on 'Include posts from' at the top left of the page.

Scrolling down, you can see the post titles of each of the posts and the different stats associated with that post.

You can sort by each of the columns in the table. The columns that appear there are the following:

  • Title: The post title

  • Shares: How many times the post has been shared in the viewed period

  • Potential Reach: The total potential reach of a post based on the networks it was shared to

  • Clickthroughs: Total number of external clickthroughs in the designated time period

  • Likes/Favourites: Total number of external likes & favourites in the designated time period

  • Comments : Total number of external comments in the designated time period

  • Shares/Retweets: Total number of times a post was reshared or retweeted

Clicking on any particular post in the table will allow you to get more granular information about that post's analytics, showing the external interactions of each user who shared the post.

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