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How Can I Use HTML to Customize My Newsletters?
How Can I Use HTML to Customize My Newsletters?

Learn how to use HTML to create custom Newsletters in PostBeyond.

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In addition to the customization available in the text editor when creating newsletters, you can also add custom fonts, colours, and any other customizations that can be added through HTML.

How do I customize my newsletters through the HTML editor?

Start by typing out your email within the 'Body' section of the newsletter text editor. Once your email is written, open the HTML code editor by clicking on the ' '<> Source' button.

After clicking on 'Source', the email you composed will appear in HTML code. You can then edit that code to allow for different fonts, colours, and media to appear in your email.

How can I change the font type?

Let's say you wanted to change the font type to 'Tahoma' font. In order to change the font type, you can add the following line of code at the beginning of your newsletter: <font face="tahoma">

Then to check that the font is what you would like, click on the '

You will then see that the font of your email has changed to 'Tahoma'.

You can replace 'Tahoma' with any font of your choosing, such as Calibri. Helvetica, or Comic Sans.

How can I change the font colour?

Changing the font colour is very similar to changing the font size. For example, if you want to change the font colour of a section from black to red, simply enter the following line of code before the line where you would like the colour changed:

When switching back over to the text editor, you will now find that the text is red:

What else can I customize?

Any formatting that can be done with HTML code, such as line spacing, font size, adding buttons, images, and other media. For more information on HTML coding, you can check out the following website:

Can I add videos?

Unfortunately, most email clients don't allow videos to be embedded in emails. So while it is technically possible to use HTML code to embed a video in an newsletter, that video will most likely not appear in the recipients inbox. You can have an image as a link if you would like something more than a just a URL or hyperlink in your email.

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