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Follow Topics

Topics (formerly categories) are used to organize content in PostBeyond. With the new Content Library we are introducing the ability for users to follow and unfollow Topics. Topics that a user is following will appear in their Topics menu and on their Feed.

Each user has the ability to customize their Feed - their new homepage within the PostBeyond app. This concept is similar to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram - your Feed consists of content sourced from Topics you are following.

Organize your Feed

On the Manage Topics page, users are able to set the order that Topics appear on their Feed. This ensures that each user will be able to access their favorite posts quickly and efficiently.

Single Post View

Users have the ability to see an expanded view of each post in Single Post view. This pop-up experience enables users to engage with a post in a multitude of ways all within one view: read, like, bookmark, comment, share, or go to the source link.

Bookmark posts

Users are able to Bookmark posts to read and share later. This is another helpful layer of personalization that allows users to curate a library of their favorite posts, which will be synced and accessible on any PostBeyond-enabled device.

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