Single Sign-on (SSO) Through Google

Learn how to set-up Google SSO with PostBeyond.

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If you are using Gmail as your email platform, you can easily set up a secure login that is verified through users' work Gmail accounts.

In this article, we will go over:

Quick Overview


  • Extremely easy set up

  • User does not have to remember multiple passwords


  • Users are not grouped accordingly upon registration (unless the same list of users is Preloaded)

What is Google SSO?

O-Auth SSO works the same way as SAML SSO except there is pre-existing trust between the service provider and the IDP.

In the case of Google SSO, PostBeyond already has trust built with Google. All we need from your company is any trusted domains that they authorize to be used for authentication. We then associate those domains with your company's instance.

Your company would still be redirected to Google in order to authenticate there, and then be redirected back to PostBeyond. We don’t however require a certificate since we have already established a trust with them.

How do you get Google SSO set-up?

In order to set-up Google SSO, contact your CSM with the list of approved domains.

Example:,, etc.

What will Google SSO login look like?

When this is completed, your users will login to a similar sign-in page to that shown below:

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