PostBeyond shows you how each of your shared posts has performed on social media. This will help you strengthen your personal brand and share posts that are likely to spark conversation with your connections.

'My Shares' is where you can go to see how your previously shared posts have performed, and what posts you have queued to go out later.

Click on the 'My Shares' icon (previously Timeline) in the top navigation bar to view your stats.

The first thing you will see is your share history.

You will be able to see how many leaderboard points each share has received.

Alongside leaderboard points, this feature allows you to see external interactions each share received. For each share you can see how many likes, comments, clickthroughs, and re-shares it generated.

'My Shares' is also where you can find your queued posts.

You can edit when your queued posts will be shared from here as well.

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