Your queue is a set of predefined times when you would like posts to be shared out. Using your queue will allow for a steady stream of content to be shared out to your networks, without having to be logged into the platform and performing the share on your own every time.

The way it works is you set up queue slots for each network. Then, when you queue a post, it will go in the next empty slot. So if it’s 10 am on Monday morning and you’re queuing content, and you have queue slots for 11am and 3pm, the first post you queue will go in that 11 am slot and be shared then, and the second post will go in the 3pm slot.

Step 1: To set up your queue settings, tap on your profile

Step 2: Once there, tap on the settings button

Step 3: Tap 'Queue Settings'

Step 4: Once there, you can set up your queue times for each network

You can set up your queue differently for Twitter & LinkedIn (queueing is not currently available to Facebook due to their regulations).

To add an additional queue slot, simply click 'Add a New Time'.

If you would like queued posts to not go out on particular days (such as Saturdays and Sundays), simply unselect the Every Day option and choose which days you want your schedules posts to go out.

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