If you have a collection of pre-existing content from multiple sources that you would like to import into your PostBeyond platform, you can do it through the Bulk Import function by importing a CSV file.

NOTE: If you would like to import content from one external source - such as an RSS feed, a Facebook page, or a twitter handle - we recommend using the Inbox.

Step 1: In the 'Posts' section of the platform, click on 'Import Posts'

Step 2: Select the CSV file you would like to upload

NOTE: all fields can be edited in the next steps.

The following are the fields you need to fill out for each post in your spreadsheet:

Title: This is the user facing title that will appear in the content library.
Post Content: The content of the post, including any URL to link to content.
Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn: If you would like users to be able to share to each network put yes. If not, put no or leave blank.
Editable: If you would like users to be able to edit the post put yes. If not, put no or leave blank.
Start/ End: If you would like a start or expiration date for the post add it here (dd/mm/yyyy).
Media: If you have the URL of any images you would like in the post you can add the URL here.

Step 3: Click 'Next'

Step 4: Edit the posts you would like imported

Here you can also choose any categories and groups you would like to assign to the post. This information can always be edited afterwards as well.

Step 5: Click 'Finish'

Your selected posts will then be imported to your Content Library where your users can share them to social media.

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