LinkedIn's API Guidelines

LinkedIn does not allow PostBeyond (and all other technologies that share to LinkedIn) to track re-shares. This count is not provided in the current LinkedIn API. This is a decision made by LinkedIn and is outside of PostBeyond's control.

Potential Reach Preset

Due to the fact that LinkedIn does not provide potential reach data outside of its native platform, PostBeyond will now preset the average potential reach per LinkedIn user based on your historical data

We have also added the ability to customize this number directly in the admin dashboard if you are aware of your team’s average number of LinkedIn connections. 

This will provide the most accurate number since you have the opportunity to set it above 500. You can set the number by going to Admin view, and clicking Settings >> Company.

This number, which can be adjusted at any time, will be used to estimate the potential reach of your Users on LinkedIn. 

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