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LinkedIn API Guidelines & How Potential Reach is Calculated
LinkedIn API Guidelines & How Potential Reach is Calculated

How does LinkedIn data work?

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LinkedIn's API Guidelines

LinkedIn does not allow PostBeyond (and all other technologies that share to LinkedIn) to track re-shares. This count is not provided in the current LinkedIn API. This is a decision made by LinkedIn and is outside of PostBeyond's control.

How Potential Reach is Calculated

Previously, a historical data-based preset was used to determine potential reach due to the fact that LinkedIn did not provide potential reach data outside of its native platform.

Now, the preset is no longer being used and potential reach is calculated using the number of first connections a user has on LinkedIn.

This will ensure that potential reach will be far more accurate and provide a more personalized estimate for each user. Ultimately, the program can benefit from a more accurate EMV value.

What are "First Connections"?

On LinkedIn, first connections, or first-degree connections refers to people to whom you are directly connected to because you've accepted their invitation to connect or they have accepted your invitation.

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