What is a User's PBI Score?

Learn what the PBI score is.

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The PBI (PostBeyond Index) score and the Leaderboard score are both calculated in the same way - by tallying the points from the different variable (likes, shares, social media platform, etc) set by the Admin. However, the PBI score is shown for a certain time period and the Leaderboard score is reset every time the Leaderboard is reset.

You can see the users' PBI scores under 'Users' Analytics'

You can modify the time period for what user analytics are shown by selecting the time period from the top right corner of the dashboard.

Leaderboard scores are calculated by assigning numerical values to each action that is performed on the platform.

The numerical values are determined by the admin of the platform.
Users are able to check how their Leaderboard points are calculated by going into the Leaderboard, and clicking on "How are my points calculated?".

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