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How to Share to Instagram via Android
How to Share to Instagram via Android

Tap 'Instagram Feed' to share to your Instagram.

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Step 1: Tap the 'Share' icon on the post you'd like to share to Instagram

Step 2: Tap the icon with 3 dots, then tap 'Share'

Note: If you do not have the Instagram Icon, you can click the 3 dots, which will allow you to share the post as a direct message.

If you want to share the post in your feed or story and do not that the Instagram icon available for share, please contact We will contact your company's program manager to see if we can make this available.

Step 3: Tap Instagram 'Feed' (Post) or 'Stories' to share to your Instagram

Editing and Sharing to Instagram Feed

A: You can resize the photo, then tap the right arrow

B: You can choose a filter, then tap 'Next'

C:  Write a caption or paste the auto-copied caption, then tap 'Share'

Instagram Stories

A: The image post will appear in full size - readjust as necessary. 

TIP: If you forget the text that is in the post on PostBeyond, the text will automatically be saved on your clipboard. Click 'paste' and edit the text to fit the Instagram Story.

B: Continue editing (selecting a filter, etc) & 'Send to' Desired Contacts/Your Story

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