Understanding UTM Parameters

UTM Parameters

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Every post that gets shared from PostBeyond will have UTM parameters OR c_id codes attached to it. UTM Parameters are like the return address on an envelope, they help tell Google Analytics where the traffic to your website is coming from. You can learn more about how to find PostBeyond generated traffic to your website using Google Analytics here.

Where & How to Set-up UTM Parameters

In PostBeyond, we set up your UTM parameters to be one of these two versions:

If you’re unsure of which version of UTMs you have, please contact your Customer Success Manager to clarify.

For every post that you create, the UTM parameters above will get automatically attached to the URL for any post shared. You don’t have to do anything to set this up.

Additional UTM Parameters

Outside of our standard UTM params, there is the possibility to add additional params, such as comp_utm=<INSERT>

To be sure that our system supports additional params, please contact your CSM to confirm.

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