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How to Track Leads Generated by PostBeyond with Adobe Analytics using c_id Codes
How to Track Leads Generated by PostBeyond with Adobe Analytics using c_id Codes

Learn how to track leads generated by PostBeyond with Adobe Analytics using c_id codes.

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*DISCLAIMER: This is a beta feature that is currently being tested. If you are interested in being apart of this test, kindly contact your CSM or

What is Adobe Analytics on PostBeyond?

The Adobe Analytics feature is for all admins whose companies use Adobe Analytics for tracking website traffic.

This feature allows you to measure the impact of your PostBeyond program using CID codes as query-string parameter.

How it works

The CID value would display like so:

Things to Consider

  • PostBeyond would be the CID value and how you'd filter any reports in Adobe.

  • The post title would look like the example above (highlighted in Blue).

  • We currently do not have the ability to create post title as a value in our current version of the Adobe Analytics integration.

CID Codes + PostBeyond

Every post shared from PostBeyond automatically has Adobe CID tracking codes.

Like the example shown in the figure above, Adobe identifies where the traffic is coming from via the CID tracking codes.

Adobe CID Set Up

There are three different versions of URL additions that can be selected to enable tracking.

For a detailed explanation of how each version differs from one another, reach out to your CSM or support.

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