Slack Integration allows admins to easily push/provide updates on new content available to users.

In this article, you will learn how to push posts to Slack. This is a great way for users to view PostBeyond content without leaving the Slack experience.


  • How to Enable Slack Integration

  • How to 'Push posts to Slack by default'

  • How Posts Appear on Slack

Note: This feature is currently not available on the PostBeyond mobile app.

How to Set-up Slack Integration

Go to the Admin view 'Settings' > 'Integrations'. From here click 'Link Slack'

And simply complete the following process by selecting the Slack channel that posts appear:

Once added, there is always the ability to remove the Slack integration and add a new group:

How to 'Push posts to Slack by default'

'Push posts to Slack by default' by clicking the button:

How Posts Appear on Slack

When a post is pushed to Slack, it will appear in the selected channel as such: 

From here, users can 'Go to Post' back in slack if they want to share the post on their social media.

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