• What are Team Leaderboards?

  • How to Utilize your Team Leaderboards

  • How to Create/Edit Leaderboard

What are Team Leaderboards?

Team Leaderboards allows Admins to create and run multiple Leaderboards at the same time.

Team Leaderboards can be created for a variety of purposes and groups such as:

  • Region ( East, West, North, etc.)

  • Department (Sales, Marketing, HR)

  • Engagement/Impression Type (Share, Likes, Reshares, etc.)

  • Monthly Contests (see: Contest Best Practices for more ideas on how to create contests for your team)

  • And much more!

How to Utilize your Team Leaderboards

Team leaderboards can be a great tool for contests and for establishing habits. 

In running a contest, you can assign point values according to the specific goal of the contest. For example, if the contest focuses on getting Likes, you can assign a higher value on Likes compared to Clickthroughs and Reshares. 

If you are looking to reward users for forming a habit of sharing regularly, you can assign the points accordingly.

With Team Leaderboards, you can keep track of multiple behaviours at once by having a specific Leaderboard dedicated to measuring a specific action (or a combination of behaviours that you want to target). 

For more information on Contest Best Practices, you can take a look at this article

How to Create/Edit Leaderboards

How do you get started? 

Well as mentioned, first make sure you have Team Leaderboards enabled

Reach out to your Admin who will need to speak with your company's PostBeyond Customer Success Manager.

If you do not know who your Admin is, please contact support@postbeyond.com

And then, start creating as many Leaderboards as you want! To learn how to create, reset, and delete a Team Leaderboard, check out this article.

Want to learn more?

You now know more about Team Leaderboards! Learn more about PostBeyond by checking out the Help Center for more.

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