What is the Leaderboard?

Learn what the Leaderboard is and where you can find it in the platform.

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The Leaderboard is a great tool for keeping track of your performance on the PostBeyond platform.

In this article we will go over the following topics:

Where Can I Find the Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard can be found by clicking on the Trophy icon at the top of your Feed.

What is the Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard is a ranking system of users and the content they've shared on PostBeyond. Points are calculated by values set by the Admin.

You can see how you are doing compared to your coworkers and see how many points you have collected!

Below is what the Leaderboard looks like:

What Does the Leaderboard Contain?

On your Leaderboard you can be sure to find the following details:

Date ranges 'From' and 'All Time

From: shows you the leaderboard score you've obtained during a specific time frame.

All time: Shows you all of the points you've accumulated throughout your time on PostBeyond.


See how you compare to your team and follow your ranking as you move up the Leaderboard from sharing and suggesting content!

How points are Calculated

Your Leaderboard score and point allocation is determined by your program Admins. To learn more about this, see: How is my Leaderboard Score calculated?

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