In this article, we will go over the how to share to Instagram from IOS device.

To share on Instagram, navigate to the post on the PostBeyond app:

Select Instagram, edit the post and click 'Share' when you are ready to push to Instagram:

NOTE: If you do not have the Instagram Icon, you can click the 3 dots, which will allow you to share the post as a direct message.

If you want to share the post in your feed or story and do not that the Instagram icon available for share, please contact support@postbeyond.com. We will contact your company's program manager to see if we can make this available.

You will then go through a series of confirmations before opening Instagram:

Once completed, you will be in instagram and can choose if you want to choose your feed or your story, edit and post. You can write a caption or paste the auto-copied caption!

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