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In this article, we will go over several ideas on how to engage your users through Newsletters, providing ideas and templates for you to use!

Newsletters Templates:

  • Encourage sharing

  • Shout-out top users/encourage sharing as a habit

  • Remind users to login/share (monthly)

  • Remind users to login/share (weekly)

  • Reiterate value of social selling

  • Encourage queuing

  • Encourage personalization (caption editing)

  • Encourage logins

Send Newsletter to: encourage sharing.

SUBJECT: Keep it up team!

Hey Team!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Last week we shared _ pieces of content and generated a grand total of _ likes, _ comments, and _ clickthroughs. 

That is impressive engagement, but I know we can do better this week. 

Below are the newest pieces of content added to the platform. See something that may interest your friends, followers, and connections? Share it out to your social platforms and engage your network today!

Send Newsletter to: shout-out top users/encourage sharing as a habit:

SUBJECT: Go _____ & _______! 

Hi Team!

In the last month, ______ and _________ have generated a combined total of $$$ in Earned Media Value. They have shared posts _ times and garnered _ interactions on their social networks. 

Shout-out to _____ and ________ for being active on social and standing out amongst the crowd. Your thought leadership is a great model for us all!

Want to earn your way to the top of the leaderboard?  Check out the content below and share to your heart’s desire!

Send Newsletter to: remind users to login/share (monthly).

SUBJECT: Don’t forget about PostBeyond!

Happy ____ 1st! 

Last month we shared a total of __ pieces of content and grew our potential reach by ___ people. Congrats to the whole team for expanding our collective network and standing out as thought leaders in our industry. 

Let’s make this month one for the record books. We are putting out a lot of great new content, but we need you to help us spread the word. 

Click below to share!

Send Newsletter to: remind users to login/share (weekly). 

SUBJECT: Sharing is caring.

Hey team!

When was the last time you shared out content? Over the last seven days, we’ve had a slight decrease in engagement … let’s try to ramp that back up before the weekend!

(insert screenshot of the chart in Content Analytics)

Below are some of the best performing pieces of content in the last week. Stay informed on all things _____ and keep your networks in the know. 

Happy sharing!

Send Newsletter to: reiterate value of social selling.

SUBJECT: Your network is waiting for you. 

Staying top of mind has never been so easy! Take advantage of PostBeyond to easily share content out on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Get the attention of new customers and remind current customers that you are an industry expert. 

Below are some of our top performing articles this week/month/quarter…happy sharing!

Send Newsletter to: encourage queuing.

SUBJECT: It’s a matter of minutes!

Do you have an extra 5 minutes on Monday morning? Use it to improve your social presence!

It only takes 5 minutes to login into PostBeyond and schedule content to be shared out for the whole week.

Use the queue function and schedule posts a week at a time to:

  1. Save time.

  2. Appear active on social all week long.

  3. Target prime posting times. Pro tip: share before or after typical work hours to maximize your visibility.  

Happy queueing!

Send Newsletter to: encourage personalization (caption editing).

SUBJECT: Humanize your content

Want to stand out in your network? Personalize your captions! Personalized captions get 63% more engagement on social media.  

Editing your captions on PostBeyond is an easy way to stand out in the social crowd. 

Here’s 3 tips to guide your caption editing:

  1. Be yourself.

  2. Encourage conversation by asking questions.

  3. Tell a story. 

Think about what you would like to see from others and edit accordingly. Personalize, personalize, personalize and watch your network grow!

Send Newsletter to: encourage logins.

SUBJECT: Are you in the know?

Happy Monday everyone!

Remember to check out PostBeyond if you’re interested in:

  • Staying up to date on company news

  • Growing your network

  • Standing out as an industry expert 

  • Getting the attention of potential future customers/candidates 

Take advantage of all that PostBeyond has to offer and share today! 

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