Employee Advocacy During COVID-19

A Quick Checklist for Managing Employee Advocacy Programs

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Wondering what content is appropriate for your employee advocacy program during COVID-19? Use the checklist below to evaluate the library to determine what needs to be done in the current climate. 

At the end of the day we highly recommend all programs stay active as much as possible as a way to effectively communicate both with employees and customers/prospects. People want to hear from their friends and family over brands more than ever.

  • Is your administrative team still intact to create content regularly?

  • Is at least a portion of your employees still able to work productively from their homes?

  • Have you added internal only posts that outline important updates and social guidelines for your employees?

  • Is there content in the library that may appear opportunistic for the current climate? 

  • Is there content in the library that negates the current rules put in place by health professionals like large group gatherings?

  • Have you reviewed and edited previous content to ensure it’s sensitive and relevant?

  • Is the tone appropriate for the current climate?

  • Does this content provide value for both your employees and your customers/prospects?

  • Have you provided your employees with standard Customer Service answers that may come up via comment on social if they share? 

  • Do you have content that highlights how you are caring for your employees during COVID?

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