Content Best Practices During COVID-19

Learn about content best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Content is the foundation of a successful PostBeyond program and especially vital in this “new normal”. As an administrator, it is important to curate and create content that is both relevant and valuable for your users and their networks.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself when selecting content:

  • Are there new audiences I want to reach? What do these audiences care about?

  • How does this content help my brand connect with how people are feeling and experiencing things right now?

  • Is the tone appropriate for the current climate?

  • Does this provide value to both employees and customers/prospects right now?

  • Does this content align with the current rules put in place by health professionals like large group gatherings?

  • Is this content opportunistic for the current climate?

Also here are a few ideas for different types of content to consider creating for your PostBeyond library:

  • Interesting freebies that are useful for your networks (i.e., checklists, backgrounds for Zoom meetings, etc)

  • Sales assets for new verticals and how they’ve had to adapt

  • Thought leadership articles or blogs by key stakeholders or executives

  • Opinion pieces from executives on how your industry will change or adapt (excellent content for thought leadership)

  • How you’re protecting your employees and the public

  • Showcase your employees with Q&A blogs or short social get-to-know-you posts

  • Non-shareable posts on policies and updates the team needs to see that might get lost on slack or in emails

  • Thank you posts for the front-line workers and community

  • CSR content to showcase how you’re supporting your community during this difficult time

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