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Managing Social Media During a Pandemic
Best Practices for Managing Your PostBeyond Program during COVID-19
Best Practices for Managing Your PostBeyond Program during COVID-19

Learn best practices for managing your PostBeyond program during the pandemic.

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Employee advocacy is especially important during major events like the outbreak of COVID-19 and the “new normal” that remains.

PostBeyond is a...

  • Critical way to disseminate important messages about how your brand is approaching COVID-19

  • Way to inform employees on the latest developments and build a sense of community even when remote

  • A single source of truth for all the content and information your employees need to feel safe

Here are a few best practices for managing your program during this time:

1. Keep creating relevant content

The amount of content available for your users to share on a weekly basis directly correlates with adoption and sharing. Aim to add fresh content each week (best practice is 10+ pieces of content a week).

Here are a few ideas for different types of content to consider creating for your PostBeyond library:

  • Interesting freebies that are useful for your networks (i.e., checklists, backgrounds for Zoom meetings, etc)

  • Sales assets for new verticals and how they’ve had to adapt

  • Thought leadership articles or blogs by key stakeholders or executives

  • Opinion pieces from executives on how your industry will change or adapt (excellent content for thought leadership)

  • How you’re protecting your employees and the public

  • Showcase your employees with Q&A blogs or short social get-to-know-you posts

  • Non-shareable posts on policies and updates the team needs to see that might get lost on slack or in emails

  • Thank you posts for the front-line workers and community

  • CSR content to showcase how you’re supporting your community during this difficult time

2. Send weekly newsletters

Weekly newsletters are a critical way to keep your users engaged on the platform, inform them of updates and promote the latest content to share.

PLUS, you can now schedule and clone your past newsletters to make it even easier to put Newsletters together for your team. (Click here for a refresher). Here are some templates for inspiration: Newsletter Templates for Admins

3. Create new topics for easy access by your users

Make it easier for your team to access the content that is relevant. Create a “COVID-19” related topic or whatever you wish to house this type of content.

Encourage users to follow this new topic by promoting it in Newsletters and Featuring any vital posts to ensure everyone can see them. Here’s how to set up new topics.

4. If you use Slack, set up the PostBeyond Slack integration

PostBeyond has easy to install Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations. Make sure to set this up if you’re an active Slack or Teams organization to promote content where your team is already spending time. This will ensure your content and program will stay top of mind.

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