What are Mandatory Hashtags?

Learn how to you set-up mandatory hashtags.

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In this article, we will go over how to set-up Mandatory Hashtags - hashtags that will automatically be applied to posts users share.

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Mandatory hashtags will not be visible to users sharing from mobile

What are Mandatory Hashtags and why use them?

Mandatory Hashtags are exactly what they sound like - hashtags that are mandatory for posts and must be shared by users.

Mandatory Hashtags can be used for a number of reasons:

  • Compliance & regulations that make it mandatory for a hashtag to be present (ie. company policies)

  • To unify a social campaign

  • Branding

Global Mandatory Hashtags vs. Mandatory Hashtags

There are two types of mandatory hashtags. Global mandatory hashtags are currently limited to 1 per instance, and the admin has the option to make the global mandatory hashtag unchangeable in the post creation view.

Mandatory hashtags can be changed during the post creation process, and admins have the ability to add up to 4 mandatory hashtags during post creation.

How to enable Mandatory hashtags

PART 1: Enabling the hashtag instance-wide

In the admin panel, click through to the Settings > Company tab:

From there, you will see a similar page as the one below:

Enter the Global Mandatory Hashtag. Remember that currently, only 1 can be registered.

You also have the option of toggling on the Global Mandatory Hashtag by default, and making the Global Mandatory Hashtag unchangeable in the post creation view.

PART 2: Enabling Mandatory Hashtags on a post-by-post basis

Depending on how you set up the option toggles above, you and your admins have the choice of enabling or disabling mandatory hashtags on a post-by-post basis.

As the admin, you have the choice of adding up to 4 mandatory hashtags or just publishing the post with the Global Mandatory Hashtag.

How do they work?

Once enabled, the users will see this messaging in their posts before sharing content as such:

As mentioned, this is mandatory - so users will not be able to remove this hashtag.

Once shared, the post will appear on social media similar to how posts would normally be depicted. Note: the hashtag will only appear at the end of the body of the message:

How Mandatory Hashtags will appear in other sections of the end-use view

Editing a Queued Post

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