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Why are there Mandatory Hashtags?
Why are there Mandatory Hashtags?

Depending on the company settings, you may see mandatory hashtags on your shared posts, here's why.

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In this article, we will go over what are Mandatory Hashtags, how they will appear when you share a post as a user, and how it will appear in other sections of the end-use view.


  1. Mandatory hashtags with not be visible to users sharing from mobile

  2. Due to Facebook sharing regulations, users do have the ability to delete the 'Mandatory Hashtag'

What are Mandatory Hashtags?

Mandatory Hashtags are hashtags that your admin has deemed necessary for a post to be shared.

How will they look when you share a post?

You will notice that a Mandatory Hashtag exists when you receive this messaging before sharing a post:

Once shared, the post will appear on social media similar to how posts would normally be depicted. Note: the hashtag will only appear at the end of the body of the message:

How Mandatory Hashtags will appear in other sections of the end-use view

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