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Why is the Post Preview not Populating?

This article will explain why the post preview sometimes does not auto-populate.

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There are times when a preview in post creation will not render - this is expected behavior, and at this time we are unable to make changes without complications.

Why does this happen?

When our platform scrapes a URL for the preview data, the scraping may experience errors and does not complete the process.

We use a third-party provider to scrape content for the preview, it is difficult for us to pinpoint what is causing the specific error since it is outside of our platform.

That said, it often comes down to the contents of the page (ie. image sizes, how the page is designed, etc.).

In some cases, it also depends on whether the URL is accessible by our third-party provider. For example, paywall-ed content is typically inaccessible, while the link would work fine for the manager or us, our third-party provider, being a scraper might not be able to retrieve the content of the URL.

What we have tried to troubleshoot

We've tried to improve this process in the past through manual scraping - however, it was an unsuccessful alternative. We found that many errors were produced. Thus, we've opted to reduce errors and avoid trying to extract content that will distort the PostBeyond experience.

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