Users can share video content from PostBeyond to Facebook Business pages that will play natively.

Please note that this is for Facebook Business pages ONLY. Sharing content to one's feed or to another social site, will not work.

In this article, we go over:

  • Accepted URLs and Formats (to ensure that the Facebook video will play on the business page)
  • How the content will appear on PostBeyond

Accepted URLs and Formats

Accepted Hosted URL Sites

The video URLs must come from an accepted hosted site. Please ensure that the URLs are created from one of the 3 hosted providers:

Formats & Size

The video max size is 200MB

Please ensure that the video is made with one of these formats:

  • webm
  • ogg
  • ogv
  • ogm
  • mp4
  • mpeg4
  • quicktime
  • mov

How the video will appear on PostBeyond

Users will recognize that a post is in video format by the play icon that will appear on the content card:

When viewing the content, the video will play automatically:

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