How to Clone a Post

Learn how to clone a post.

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In this article we go over:

How Do I Clone a Post?

In the Admin view, select Posts, click on the wheel icon and select 'Clone Post'.

From there, you will be taken to a post creation page where all of the same information applied to the original post will be selected. Here you can make changes to the cloned post, (ie. select a different social network for sharing, select a different image, create a different caption, etc). And once you are completed 'Save' the changes.

Why Would I Clone a Post?

Ultimately, the purpose of this feature is really endless. You can use it to...

  • Easily curate content that is similar, without the manual task of having to create individual posts (for example: creating content for each social network, group, etc.)

  • Resurface an old article to the top of the users Explore page

  • Update posts that are 'evergreen', for example, blog posts

Best practices

It is up to how you want to organize the content, but remember to include titles that differentiate the content for your own benefit when reviewing analytics. This can include dates, social network identifiers, etc.

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