Testing & Troubleshooting SAML SSO Set-up

Testing & Troubleshooting SAML SSO Set-up for PostBeyond.

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Testing and Troubleshooting

After you have set-up your SSO, test to ensure that it is working correctly by creating a user and having them log in to their account via SSO.

Should you notice that something is wrong...

  1. Have your team go back and make sure that the set-up is correct. This includes, but is not limited to making sure that the following have been added correctly: the Entity IDP, the login page, and the service endpoints.

  2. Please notify the PostBeyond team: we too will make sure that our set-up is correct by going through the process again.

  3. If the issue persists, please send PostBeyond a HAR file.

Potential Errors and How to Resolve Them

Below are potential errors that you might be experiencing. Please review carefully to see if this could be causing issues for your SSO login:

Assigning Users to Applications

Issue: More than one Organization

If the customer has users in more than one organization, (i.e. Company A bought Company B - so while it's one customer, they are working with two separate organizations and IT systems), and a user receives the below error message when trying to access PostBeyond through SSO login:

Solution: You should check that the user management system (i.e., the IdP) has granted that user access to PostBeyond using SAML SSO integration/setup. In the example above, Company A was not granted access from Company B to use PostBeyond and the Company B IT team had to go back and grant this permission.

Short URL added is not in complete form

Issue: If you enter a short URL like postbeyond.social and not share.postbeyond.social, you will get the following error:

Solution: Add the complete URL

If you do not see the error message you are experiencing above, please send support@postbeyond.com a screenshot of the error and we will help you out with your investigation!

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