If there are Inbox Feeds that you need to remove, there are 3 ways to accomplish this. This article will also touch upon why an Inbox feed might have disappeared.

In this article, we will go over:

How to Delete an Inbox Feed

1. Delete feed in the Inbox

Navigate to the Inbox tab, then click on the gear icon of the feed, select 'Delete'

2. In the Inbox Settings, you can click 'Remove Feed'

This is only for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Business pages.

3. Remove Account from Inbox Settings

Again, only on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Business pages from the Inbox Settings, you can unlink the Account and this will in-return remove the Inbox feeds.

Why an Inbox Feed Might Disappear

This pertains to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram business pages since these accounts are linked by specific user accounts.

1. The account associated with the Inbox feed was 'Unlinked' from the Inbox Settings.

2. The account was deleted from the user

See New Privacy Features - GDPR Compliance for more information.

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