In this article, we will go over

  • What is a snippet?

  • How are snippets pulled?

  • Why is the snippet not displaying correctly?

What is a snippet?

Snippets are the text found at the bottom of a social post. They are often 'titles' given to a URL.

How are they pulled?

We, similar to all social media sites, grab snippets and other fields from OG (Open Graphic) Tags from the webpage design:

  • og:image

  • og:URL

  • og:description

  • og:title

Why is the snippet not displaying correctly?

If these tags are not present, social media sites and PostBeyond will make 'educated guesses', which could show varying snippets for each social site.

For example, If you shared a URL directly to LinkedIn, the snippet would most likely be similar to that of PostBeyond, especially if it was designed with OG tags. If it was not, you could see different snippets showing.

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