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Difference between PostBeyond OKTA application & Custom OKTA application
Difference between PostBeyond OKTA application & Custom OKTA application

Learn the difference between PostBeyond OKTA application & Custom OKTA application.

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For OKTA, there are two different types of applications that you can choose from:

OKTA PostBeyond Application Integration

This application is found within the search bar in OKTA:


Securest Login

It was designed to be the utmost secure login. Users would not use the PostBeyond login page to access their accounts, and would only be able to login to PostBeyond from the OKTA directory page:


This experience does not allow users to access the mobile app. Users would be required to login to PostBeyond through the OKTA directory on their mobile browser. In doing so, this may drop adoption with mobile users.

Custom OKTA Application (SAML SSO with OKTA IdP)

This application is a custom application within OKTA:

User Login Experience

With the custom app users can log in from the PostBeyond login page or their mobile app:

This option is commonly preferred option as users have an easier way of navigating to PostBeyond and is still a secure method for logins.

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