After setting up PostBeyond Salesforce Attribution via HubSpot, maximize your dashboards to get the most out of the information funneling in.

Our most popular dashboard suggestion helps you easily understand where your leads are generating from with a quick snapshot:

See the number of leads generated...

Understand the life-cycle stage of your leads...

How to Set-up

Step 1: In Hubspot, click through to 'Build a new report'

Step 2: Select 'Single object', 'Contacts'

Step 3: Save the report (ie. PostBeyond Contact Tracking')

Step 4: Edit the Filters.

  • Date Range

  • Contact Properties = utm_campaign, contains exactly 'PostBeyond'

Step 5: Finalize the data Properties. We recommend:

  • Create Date

  • Lifecycle stage

  • Company name

Step 6: Option to create a Table and choose the format

Step 7: Add it to a dashboard


There are many ways you can maximize the information that is most valuable to your team. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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