Understanding My Settings

Understand your User Account Settings.

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In this article, we will break down all of the features within the My Settings page.

From the top of your home page, click on your icon to get the drop-down menu and then click My Settings.

From here you will see everything that is specific to your settings, this includes:

Personal Settings

In this section, you can update:

Social Settings

In this section, you will be able to Link, Relink, Unlink and connect your Business pages.

Queue Settings

This is an important section for setting up your queue times and enabling auto-queue posts.

Notification Settings

You can receive notifications for the following:

Relink Account is one that is automatically enabled for your benefit and we highly recommend that you leave this toggle on to ensure that your content is always sharing correctly.

General Settings

In this section, there are a few settings to note:

And when you are finished with any of the changes, remember to click Save Settings:

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