Best Practices for Topics

Learn what Topics are, how to create Topics, and best practices for how many to have.

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In this article, we will go over:

Topics Overview

Topics are a helpful way to organize content into specific categories. Let's dive into the value and importance of Topics:

  • For Admins & Content Creators: You can follow the analytics of Topics and see which ones are popular among your users. Content teams can take note of which Topics users share from the most and create posts accordingly. These analytics can be found in the Admin view, under 'Analytics', then 'Topics'.

  • For Users: Topics make for a seamless user experience. Specific content is easy to find and filter so the most relevant posts are the most visible for users.

How to Create Topics

Creating a new topic for your posts can be done in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Select 'Posts'

In order to create a topic, navigate to the ‘Posts’ section of the platform.

Step 2: Select 'Post topics'

Then, click Post topics.

Step 3: Select 'Add'

Step 4: Type in the name of your new topic and select 'Add'

You will then find your new topic in your topic list.

NOTE: You can auto-subscribe users to specific Topics. Auto-subscribing Topics for Groups means that any user within this group (or added at a later time), will automatically have this topic applied to their feeds. You may want Groups to follow relevant Topics that pertain to their objectives. Example: you may want to ensure that all users in the 'Marketing (Group)' are following the 'Marketing (Topic)'. Or perhaps there are important posts everyone in the company should see.

Best Practices

  • Use the terms blog, updates, marketing posts: better alternatives to "earned media", a term all employees may not be familiar with.

  • Use our base Topics for inspiration: go-to Topics include job postings/career news, company news and updates, industry news (e.g. social media), webinars and events.

  • Attribute posts to only 1 Topic: keep your User's Feeds neat by not adding posts to more than 1 Topic.

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