Email Templates to Boost User Sharing

Boost user engagement by sending regular newsletters! Use these email templates for inspiration.

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Take advantage of our Newsletter functionality to send emails to users reminding them to share. Newsletters can also be leveraged to promote contests, give updates on standings, and encourage overall engagement with the platform.

Here are a few email templates you can use to boost user sharing:

General Sharing Reminder:

Hi there,

Have you shared content to social media recently?. Your network wants to hear from you. PostBeyond is full of interesting content that is relevant to your role and our industry. Sharing on social media helps you stand out as a thought leader in our space. Be known for your expertise and share today!

Sharing Reminder for Sales:

Hi there,

Stay on top of your prospect's minds! Share to your social media networks today from PostBeyond. Social selling helps you attract 45% more sales than your peers, making you 51% more likely to reach your quotas. Social media is a powerful tool of engagement - use it to your advantage today by sharing a post to your network. Stand out as an industry expert and reach new clients by leveraging PostBeyond. Share more. Sell more.

Sharing Reminder for Recruitment:

Hi there,

Did you know that 79% of job seekers use social media when conducting their job search? Grow your network and grab future candidate's attention by sharing from PostBeyond today! Your next new hire is out there - find them through social media. Share today!

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