How to Create a PostBeyond Report with Dreamdata

Learn how to measure the success of PostBeyond through Dreamdata marketing reporting.

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Campaigns - Revenue Attribution

The Campaigns dashboard within Revenue Attribution shows you how each of your Campaigns is performing and contributing towards a specific conversion point e.g. SQLs. Based on the filters selected, we analyse a set of Deals and the Campaigns used by the Contacts on those Deals up to the point of conversion.


The data parameters is set by the filters you have in place in the top right corner:

  • Date*

  • Revenue Model

  • Attribution Model

  • Channel Type

  • Company by Country

*Date is referring to when deals were converted

Campaigns Data Source

We collect the Campaign names from the UTMs and our tracking, from your marketing tools and the other systems you integrate with Dreamdata like PostBeyond. Enter utm_campaign, contains exactly 'PostBeyond'.

For more information on Dreamdata campaigns, visit their help centre here.

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