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Use These Email Templates to Launch Your PostBeyond Program
Use These Email Templates to Launch Your PostBeyond Program

Create excitement with executives and end users during the implementation phase using these email templates.

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This is a guide for administrators who are planning the promotion of their PostBeyond program. We recommend taking the email templates and making them your own so it sounds authentic to your employees.

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EMAIL TEMPLATE 1: Excitement and importance

  • Purpose: To ignite excitement about the program and let your employees know the value proposition and answer the question “What’s in it for me?”. If you can’t answer this, you MUST go back to your launch planning workbook.

  • Audience: End Users

  • Sender: Executive

  • Timing: 5 weeks leading up to launch (end user training)

Subject Line: Social Matters to {Company Name} and YOU!

Hi [team name],

I am excited to tell you that [Company Name] is launching a new tool that is here to serve you in your day-to-day! With [PostBeyond Program Name] you will be able to read and share the latest content about our company and industry. Why is this important? Well, not only do we want you to let your social connections know about all the great things happening at [Company Name], but we also want to help you grow your network and position you as an expert in your field.

For example, [Program Name] will help sales fill their pipeline, marketers find their voice and recruiters connect with potential hires. If you’re in development, finance, procurement or any corner of our business there will be content curated just for you!

The program is launching in the next month so please watch for more from [Admin Name/Team]! We look forward to seeing what you do in social.



EMAIL TEMPLATE 2: Introduce Admins & Dates

  • Purpose: Let employees know about the people behind the program. Create empathy and excitement about why they chose to invest and what they hope to help people achieve with the platform. Include important dates to remember.

  • Audience: End Users

  • Sender: Admins

  • Timing: 3 weeks leading up to launch (end user training)

Subject Line: [Program Name] is here for YOU!

Hi [team name],

As [Exec name] let you know last week, [team name] is in the midst of launching our latest and greatest program that is here to serve YOU! We will be curating content that will be served up and ready for you to read and share on social media. Not only do we want you to advocate for [Company Name] but we want to help you grow your networks. You can build meaningful connections online by sharing great content that will help educate others.

Our first training session will take place on [Date] and we want you there. It will be a fun and interactive experience. In one hour, you will learn everything you need to know about [Program Name] and how it will help your day-to-day.

Some highlights include:

  • Social selling for sales: get closer to prospects by positioning yourself as an expert online.

  • Brand building for marketing: not only are you building our company brand, but your personal brand!

  • Recruitment: fill your pipeline with qualified candidates by highlighting the great work we do and jobs available.

  • Account management: connect with your customers and build their trust as the product/industry expert.

  • Finance/Dev/Procurement: stay up to date on the latest company and industry news and share what your networks care most about.

The calendar invite will come in the next few days so stay tuned!



EMAIL TEMPLATE/CALENDAR INVITE 3: Book calendars, set expectations

  • Purpose: Book employee’s calendars for training sessions. If you are doing function-specific training, then these can be sent separately to those groups. We recommend doing them all within one to two days.

  • Audience: End Users

  • Sender: Executive

  • Timing: 2 weeks leading up to launch (end user training)

Subject Line: [Program Name Training] [Function if applicable]


  • Introduction to [Program Name]

  • What’s in it for you

  • Demo and live training on desktop and mobile

  • Sign up, link your networks and share!

[If the meeting is in person] Please bring your laptop and mobile device so we can get you signed up.

We can’t wait to see you all there! There will be a follow up email with a recording and assets just in case. Everyone will need to sign up before the end of the week so please make sure you do!


  • Purpose: Follow up immediately after training to ensure every user takes the key action of registering (if necessary), logging in and sharing. Include the contest details so users know exactly how to participate. Include takeaway training materials and recording of training session.

  • Audience: End Users

  • Sender: Admin

  • Timing: 1 day after end user training (launch)

Subject Line:

[Program Name] is launched and ready!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for attending our training session, I hope you all found it beneficial! I wanted to follow up because everyone should ensure they are logged in with their networks linked before the end of the week. If you share your first piece of content before [X DATE] your name will be entered to win a $25 gift card, so don’t be shy!

For your reference, please earmark the following information. It will help you in case you have questions:

[Include contest details if applicable].

[Insert explanation on how to login - email & password, group link, SSO/Gmail]

[If email from platform was chosen, please follow up to this note with that email]

From here on out, our team is ready to curate and serve you great content. Remember, you can also suggest content you want to see in the platform. If you have any questions on the program, don’t hesitate to reach out.

The video from our training session is attached.

Thanks and happy sharing!



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