Understanding PostBeyond Tracking Codes in Adobe Analytics

Learn how to configure Adobe Anlalytics to capture PostBeyond tracking codes.

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Adobe campaign tracking features require you to configure Adobe to capture and read the campaign tracking codes once a visitor arrives at your site.

When a user clicks on a PostBeyond link on LinkedIn, they might come to your site with the URL “www.mywebsite.com/?cid=PostBeyond%01354. In this case, the code “PostBeyond01354” would be placed in the ‘campaigns’ variable for tracking purposes and would appear in Adobe Analytics as such. It wouldn’t read LinkedIn, or your Campaign Name, it would still just appear as “PostBeyond01354”.

Setting up Campaign Tracking Codes

Option 1: Configure the Javascript plugin GetQuery provided in Adobe Analytics.

This will enable Adobe to capture a URL parameter and place it in the campaign variable (s.campaign). Please note: that the URL parameter that sends the data to s.campaign is NOT pre-defined so you will need to define it in the plugin itself.


Option 2: Configure AppMeasurement for Javascript

The AppMeasurement for Javascript plugin enables you the same capabilities as the GetQuery plugin. The only difference is that AppMeasurement is faster to use in both mobile and desktop sites. In AppMeasurement, you will use Util.getQueryParam to map your campaign variable instead of the getQueryParam plug-in. To edit your s.campaign variable, you will need to navigate to the doPlugins() and set it as follows:


s.doPlugins = function(s) {

s.campaign = s.Util.getQueryParam(“cid”);


In this example, you’d map your s.campaign variable to “cid”.

Checking PostBeyond Performance in Reporting

New Adobe Analytics:

  1. Go to 'Workspace', click on 'Reports'.

2. Click the filter icon beside Campaign Tracking Codes:

3. Filter for 'PostBeyond'

Previous Adobe Analytics Version:

  1. Similarly, click on 'Reports':

2. Select the report type

3. Type 'PostBeyond' in the bottom search bar.

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